Portal Song

I’ve finished my first semester back in school, so I have some time this summer to get back into writing more often. (For the record, I got straight As)


Currently working on a Hitofude cardigan using Tess Designer Yarns’ Raw Silk on wooden size 5 needles. I foresee this project taking quite a while to complete. Might end up working on some smaller projects when I get bored.

Papallacta Hot Springs

Papallacta Hot Springs

I’m also very recently back from a family trip to South America (as of the time of this writing, I am munching on Huevitos chocolates. So good!) and I think I’m still pretty sad about it, and leaving so much of my family behind on another continent. However, it was a wonderful trip & I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Quito seen from Pinchincha

Quito seen from Pinchincha

My next tuition payment is due in about a month and a half, and it’s going to be a scramble to get that paid off as quickly as possible. (It’s a local community college, so not *too* bad, but still enough to hurt.) Things are going to get budget friendly.


Currently on my kneedles.

I currently have 3 projects in progress right now, which is a lot for me. Usually, I like to start a project and finish it as quickly as possible to start the next project. However, the projects I currently have on the needles are something else.

  1. Olive Sweater. I bought 1700 yards of fingering weight Miss Babs Katahdin last Rhinebeck, which I intended for this sweater. The sweater is almost entirely stockinette stitch. 2 months in, I have just gotten down to my boobs. 
  2. Socks. You know what? I’m going to frog these. I hate the way the colors look together, and I’m pretty sure they’re too big. They were going to be a project I worked on during jury duty, but that ended quickly.
  3. Surprise sweater for a baby. Not a baby surprise, which I believe has to be the ugliest sweater ever designed for a baby. Sure, it’s a marvelously clever way of putting something together, and looks lovely laid out. But it looks like absolute shit on a baby. Details to follow. Eventually, probably. 


No photos, because it’s nighttime, and I don’t want to drag out my lightbox just to take pictures of wips. 

I dig it

Aeolian shawl detail

Aeolian shawl detail


[Tiny Tower] – I recently recieved an iPad as a gift and have been totally obsessed by this game over the weekend. It’s an adorable version of Farmville and SimTower smashed together, with amusing little “Bitbook” status updates that I just can’t stop reading.

[Aidez] – Despite what I consider a somewhat unfortunate name, this is a beautiful cardigan that I can’t wait to start knitting as my next project. I’m planning on Cascade Eco wool in a nice neutral, perfect for autumn and the chilly air conditioning in my office.

[Big Girls Small Kitchen] – Their new cookbook is perfect for people with not too much space or time, but who love good food. With an entire section devoted to microwave meals, and cooking for one, its a great cookbook to have on hand.

[Zoya Dove] – This recent addition to Zoya’s lineup goes wonderfully with my skin tone. (for reference, I wear MAC NC25 on my face) It’s a lovely muted cement color, and I love wearing it on my hands and feet.