Currently on my kneedles.

I currently have 3 projects in progress right now, which is a lot for me. Usually, I like to start a project and finish it as quickly as possible to start the next project. However, the projects I currently have on the needles are something else.

  1. Olive Sweater. I bought 1700 yards of fingering weight Miss Babs Katahdin last Rhinebeck, which I intended for this sweater. The sweater is almost entirely stockinette stitch. 2 months in, I have just gotten down to my boobs. 
  2. Socks. You know what? I’m going to frog these. I hate the way the colors look together, and I’m pretty sure they’re too big. They were going to be a project I worked on during jury duty, but that ended quickly.
  3. Surprise sweater for a baby. Not a baby surprise, which I believe has to be the ugliest sweater ever designed for a baby. Sure, it’s a marvelously clever way of putting something together, and looks lovely laid out. But it looks like absolute shit on a baby. Details to follow. Eventually, probably. 


No photos, because it’s nighttime, and I don’t want to drag out my lightbox just to take pictures of wips. 


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