Chevron Encoded Sock Pattern

Chevron Encoded Socks

This stitch pattern is based off a stitch from the book 400 Knitting Stitches. These are a pair of delicate ankle socks, with a chevron lace pattern. They remind me of Samantha Carter of Stargate SG-1, delicate and feminine without being over the top.

This is a toe-up short row sock. Both the toe and heel are made the same way, with the wrap & turn short row method. If you have another way you prefer, feel free. However, I find that this method is easier for me to grasp, so the instructions are written as such.

Made to fit a size 7-8 foot.

Size 1 circular needles, or set of 5 dpns


7 sts per inch

Using crochet provisional cast on, cast on 27 stitches.


Knitpicks Stroll fingering weight in Dusk


7 stitches are wrapped and turned on each side, leaving 13 live in the center.

k26, wrap the next stitch & turn work;
p25, wrap & turn;
k24, wrap & turn;
p23, wrap & turn;
k22, wrap & turn;
p21, wrap & turn;
k20, wrap & turn;
p19, wrap & turn;
k18, wrap & turn;
p17, wrap & turn;
k16, wrap & turn;
p15, wrap & turn;
k14, wrap & turn;
p13, wrap & turn;

Now we go back an start knitting & purling into the wrapped stitches.

*k to the first wrapped stitch, then knit into the wrap and stitch at the same time. wrap & turn the next stitch after that, so it’s wrapped twice.
p to the first wrapped stitch, then purl into the wrap and stitch at the same time. wrap & turn the next stitch, so its wrapped twice.*

repeat * to * making sure to knit and purl all the wraps as necessary, until no stitches are left wrapped.

Unpick the crochet chain and pick up the live stitches. Knit 2 rows in stockinette.

If using magic loop, the knitting is divided in two sections, one for the top half of the foot, the other for the bottom. If on dpns, split into 4 sections, two for top, two for bottom, and knit with a 5th needle. The top half will have two repeats of the lace pattern, while the bottom is knitted in stockinette.

Lace Pattern:

Important note: when coming to the double yarn overs in the even rows, knit into the 1st yarn over regularly, then knit into the back loop of the second yarn over. The result is one larger than regular hole in your knitting.

Work until 1.5 inches until the heel.


Work the heel the same as for the toe.


Knit two rounds the same as for the foot to make the heel longer, then begin knitting the lace repeats all around.

Note: The first & last yarn over in the 1st row of each lace repeat don’t follow the knit in the back loop pattern that the other double yarn overs do. These will each be knit separately.

Work two-three repeats or until you see fit. The pictured socks only go up to my ankles.

To finish, knit 6 rows of twisted rib stitch, then cast off using Elizabeth Zimmerman’s sewn bind off.

Wearing my Chevron Encoded Socks


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