Boston Trip 2014

Pax East 2014:

Pax East Swag

Some of the swag I picked up. Note the CAH pins!

Boston was great this year, and the weather really cooperated. Which made the coat I brought along a giant waste of time and luggage space.

I worked the convention again this year, and on that front, everything went well. Minimal amount of rude/mean people. Saw some great cosplay, including a person dressed up as a companion cube from Portal. Also saw some games that I will be buying/downloading in the very near future. To name a few: Evil Within, Crowman & Wolfboy, and Kingdom for Kieflings. I also picked up the 90s nostalgia expansion and a full set of PaxEast expansion cards for Cards Against Humanity. I’m still missing #18 for a second set of those.

I really didn’t take a lot of photos this year. I was more interested in really experiencing the con, and I totally did. Already making plans for next year. 🙂



While in Boston for Pax, I stopped by Gather Here [link] in Cambridge. It was a small shop on a corner, but stuffed with yarn, fabric, and notions. I highly recommend this shop to anyone visiting Boston, and it’s only a 5-10 minute walk from the train station.



I finished Knitting my Volcano Cowl with Tess Superwash in a teal color, which looks really great, but matches my coat so closely in color that I don’t like wearing them together. I picked up 2 skeins of Madeline Tosh Vintage in Charcoal for a second cowl.


Once I finished the cowl, I immediately cast on an Olive Blouse, using Miss Babs Katahdin in Impatiens, which is a really bright pink magenta, and Madeline Tosh Sock in Tern for the yoke and edgings. It is going to a be a very long slog of stockinette for a while…



I bought a Lamy Safari pen in the blue color, and immediately fell in love. I’ve already bought ink and (several) notebooks to write in, so it seems that I’ll be writing much more often. I switched out the Lamy blue ink for Noodler’s Eel Blue which is much more saturated and bluer. Lamy’s is not as strong and leans more purple. The pen has a fine tip, which isn’t quite fine enough for me, so I’ll probably be switching that out to an Extra Fine when I have a few spare bucks. Or maybe I’ll see if I can get my hands on the LE Neon Coral in May. =P


im still alive u guise

Movies in 2014: So far I’m keeping my resolution to watch a new movie each week.

Week One: Robot & Frank – This movie was simultaneously adorable and sweet and sad. I recommend watching it. Frank Langella and Susan Sarandon are great in it.
Week Two: Primer – I highly recommend watching this movie, if you want to watch a movie several times to understand it. Which, why wouldn’t you? All I’m going to say is, time travel is involved.
Week Three: We’re the Millers – I laughed a lot. I was not convinced by Jennifer Aniston’s stripping, though I guess it was hot? I don’t know. Jason Sudekis was hilarious, as usual.

Programming: I’m currently working my way through Learn Ruby the Hard Way and the Ruby course on CodeAcademy, and it is interesting. Basically, when I get bored of one of their “voices”, I switch to the other. Really mixes things up, because they are *not* teaching the same things at the same time. Although, of the topics where they have overlapped so far, their differing voices really gave me new insights that the other did now.

It took me way too long to conceptualize For loops, and for that, I feel ashamed.

Knitting: I came up with a pattern for a new hat, but I don’t know where I put it, so you’re just going to have to wait on that. And, I gave both prototypes to my mother, so no photos of the finished products, but I will share the latest (v3) in progress, when it’s started. C’est la vie, mon amie. For the record, teal Malabrigo Silky Merino.

I put a lot of work into it, but I think I’m going to put it out for free on this blog anyway.

In yarn-related-ish news, I sold my spinning wheel. I was never using it, and I needed more room in the apartment.

Winter Madness

One of the most irritating aspects of winter, aside from the cold, is the shorter days. I leave for work before daylight starts finally showing through our windows, and by the time I get back, the sun is already starting to set.

So, while I have quite a few projects finished, I haven’t been able to photograph them. I had bought two balls of KnitPicks Stroll in Deep Waters, and used the first ball to knit a Traveling Woman shawl for a Secret Santa swap at work, but halfway through the project I ended up deciding it was far too pretty to just give to a coworker. It’ll be going to a friend as her gift.

The first shawl didn’t even take a full ball, which surprised me, so I cast on a second, to keep for myself. I’m already into the first lace chart and I still have yarn left, a small ball about am inch in diameter right now, maybe enough to last me one our two more rows. Still, I would have thought that the shawl would take a lot more yarn. Blocked it’s quite large.

The friend is getting her gift on wednesday so hopefully expect action shots afterwards.

Chevron Encoded Sock Pattern

Chevron Encoded Socks

This stitch pattern is based off a stitch from the book 400 Knitting Stitches. These are a pair of delicate ankle socks, with a chevron lace pattern. They remind me of Samantha Carter of Stargate SG-1, delicate and feminine without being over the top.

This is a toe-up short row sock. Both the toe and heel are made the same way, with the wrap & turn short row method. If you have another way you prefer, feel free. However, I find that this method is easier for me to grasp, so the instructions are written as such.

Made to fit a size 7-8 foot.

Size 1 circular needles, or set of 5 dpns


7 sts per inch

Using crochet provisional cast on, cast on 27 stitches.


Knitpicks Stroll fingering weight in Dusk


7 stitches are wrapped and turned on each side, leaving 13 live in the center.

k26, wrap the next stitch & turn work;
p25, wrap & turn;
k24, wrap & turn;
p23, wrap & turn;
k22, wrap & turn;
p21, wrap & turn;
k20, wrap & turn;
p19, wrap & turn;
k18, wrap & turn;
p17, wrap & turn;
k16, wrap & turn;
p15, wrap & turn;
k14, wrap & turn;
p13, wrap & turn;

Now we go back an start knitting & purling into the wrapped stitches.

*k to the first wrapped stitch, then knit into the wrap and stitch at the same time. wrap & turn the next stitch after that, so it’s wrapped twice.
p to the first wrapped stitch, then purl into the wrap and stitch at the same time. wrap & turn the next stitch, so its wrapped twice.*

repeat * to * making sure to knit and purl all the wraps as necessary, until no stitches are left wrapped.

Unpick the crochet chain and pick up the live stitches. Knit 2 rows in stockinette.

If using magic loop, the knitting is divided in two sections, one for the top half of the foot, the other for the bottom. If on dpns, split into 4 sections, two for top, two for bottom, and knit with a 5th needle. The top half will have two repeats of the lace pattern, while the bottom is knitted in stockinette.

Lace Pattern:

Important note: when coming to the double yarn overs in the even rows, knit into the 1st yarn over regularly, then knit into the back loop of the second yarn over. The result is one larger than regular hole in your knitting.

Work until 1.5 inches until the heel.


Work the heel the same as for the toe.


Knit two rounds the same as for the foot to make the heel longer, then begin knitting the lace repeats all around.

Note: The first & last yarn over in the 1st row of each lace repeat don’t follow the knit in the back loop pattern that the other double yarn overs do. These will each be knit separately.

Work two-three repeats or until you see fit. The pictured socks only go up to my ankles.

To finish, knit 6 rows of twisted rib stitch, then cast off using Elizabeth Zimmerman’s sewn bind off.

Wearing my Chevron Encoded Socks

Death of a Samsung (camera)

Not having a working camera sucks. It sucks butt. If I wanted to fiddle around for 15 minutes before taking an actual photo, you would have photos, but I don’t love you enough to do that. Also I don’t hate you enough to post using cell phone photos. (10 more months before I get a new phone ~yes~) My BB Curve takes nice scenic and portrait photos, I guess, but it has no autofocus so macro shots are a complete no-go.

I’m currently working on:

Urban Necessity Gloves in progress

Urban Necessity Gloves

Hemlock Ring in progress

Hemlock Ring



One part knitting, one part nerd

First part of this post is going to be knitting geekery, then a quick shift to computer and video game geeking out, in case some of you don’t want to read a certain part.

A few quick links to Halloween projects I thought were really cool recently:

Knitted Skeleton | Easy Devil Horn Tutorial | Tiny Crochet Pumpkin | Pumpkin Latte Embroidery

I totally get the knitting pattern books devoted to knitting with luxury yarns now. Up until now the most luxurious yarn I’ve worked with is Malabrigo.(Worsted 210 yd/$11). Which isn’t to say that Malabrigo isn’t luxury, I totally loved knitting with it compared to WotA and 220. On the other hand, I’ve never spent more than $11 on a single skein of yarn before last weekend and that is a lot of money for me, so really the rubric is if I have to work for more than an hour to afford it, its a luxury I can rarely afford.

I’m considering working with ther baby alpaca I got first, and of all the yarn I’ve ever bought (or even touched), its the softest. (DK 665 yd/$25) In terms of yardage, it was a total steal and I would have bought a second skein, but I didn’t want to spend half my Rhinebeck budget on a yarn I was buying on a whim unless it was very special yarn I’m using for a special purpose that I’ll post about later. 😉

So far, I’ve decided on just making myself a winter set with the yarn, although picking the patterns is taking a bit more time. For the hat, I like Hermoine Hearts Ron, but I’m still open to different patterns. For the neck, I searched through my queue and through the database, and I have decided! on Thermis. The mitten decision is still a work in progress, but I’ve been leaning towards Urban Necessity, although I will have to adjust the pattern, since I don’t think I’ll get gauge. All in all, I wanted to find patterns that I felt wouldn’t let the yarn down, and since it was so soft, I wanted to keep it against my skin. ^^

Still working on the body of my Sexy Vesty. It’s coming along rather slowly since I started using my new spindle. =D No pictures this time around, because the camera is officially on its last legs.

PaxEast recently announced that they were open for early registration, and I’ll defintely be there if anyone reading this is also planning on it. Last year I was only able to go on Sunday because the tickets sold out really fast, but this year I’m buying the tickets a hell of a lot earlier.

Last year there were a few games that were available to play there, months before they came out, and I tried out a FPS in 3d. It was pretty cool, but not really my thing. APB was available to play, about 5 seats for police, 5 for outlaws, and the fact that the promoters were tossing out t-shirts made it a really popular booth. It’s too bad that the game committed suicide (they made some baaaaad decisions) because the concept was fairly interesting: a cross between gta and counterstrike. I still have a t-shirt with APB on it 🙂 I use it to sleep in.

Despite being a pretty big con, there weren’t as many booths to blow money at. I think the bulk of the con is companies showing off new types of video cards that haven’t come out yet, and new games. And the free stuff that they give out is pretty awesome.

Rhinebeck 2010, a photo post

I am pretty sure I missed a whole swath of booths at Rhinebeck, but it was a pretty huge event and there was so much crammed into the buildings that I didn’t even realize @_@ I ended up going with two non-knitters, Rich & his sister, and having a pretty damn good time. I didn’t take out my camera very much, because it was so crowded and there was barely room to move around some of the booths, let alone take out a camera.

Rhinebeck 2010

First off, the food: It was AWESOME. Artichokes French was worth the long line, and I am going to buy at least two bags of maple cotton candy next time around. I should have bought some of the spice packs from the olive oil sauce booth, and I’m regretting not doing that. Rich bought a pretzel and got maple and spicy honey mustard dipping sauces. The maple one made the pretzel taste just like a piece of french toast.


I’m not going to spend too much time talking about my purchases, so I’ll just post the photos I took afterwards, with captions for the yarn fibers and weight.

White Laceweight yarn

Laceweight 50% merino, 50% silk

Wild Apple Hill Farm Yarn

Worsted 100% wool, fairly scratchy, but I'm not making clothes with it

Prime Alpaca

Alpaca yarn, over 600 yards in dk weight, the most squishy and soft yarn I've touched so far in my life

Alpaca & Merino

90% alpaca and 10% merino, this was a gift from Rich's sister

Fine Wool Top

Fine Wool Top from Shadeyside. I got 4 oz

The New Spindle

I also bought a new spindle (but I don't remember where) for spinning lightweight yarns. It weighs .4 oz

Spinning lace

My work so far

All in all, I totally loved Rhinebeck, although I do wish I actually knew people on Ravelry so I could meet up with them. I went to the Ravelry party for a few minutes, but it was fairly crowded, and again, I don’t know anyone.

Plans for next year: Maybe will book a motel room nearby, and take a spinning wheel class