I’m Michele.

On Crafting

I consider myself a crafter, and a newblet knit-designer. I only make clothes for myself, but smaller projects are fun to give away, too. I crocheted before I did any other craft, and learned to use a drop spindle a few years ago.

My preference for yarns is solid colors. I like the way variegated yarns look on the skein, but I just can not abide variegated clothing, except for maybe a really well done sock. I don’t care what other people wear, but I will never knit or wear a variegated sweater. Yech. Now, stripes? I can get into nice stripes. Accent colors too.

I do know how to sew, and do it once in a while, but dragging out the sewing machine every few weeks is a chore. >_> I do like working zippers though. Not really sure why.

Look for some yarn related stuff coming from me in the next few weeks. I’m working on something. ❤

On Blogging
I created the header according to this tutorial on Pugly Pixel, using the same sources she did, for the most part. The font is Lobster 1.3.


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