Prepping for Xmas

Recently, I changed the header. I like this one a lot better, and the nice part is that I drew the yarn ball and the bouncy lines all myself. 🙂 (On GIMP) This one is much cuter, don’t you think?

Well, this post is going to be broken up into paragraphs full of links to possible gifts or gift ideas, so if you’re not a fan of clicking noises…. probably not the post for you.

For the Geek in your life:

If you’ve got a ton of money to spend, and one person to spend it on, why not a tablet? If your geek likes cars, why not put together a car kit for him or her? Is he a handyperson? Perhaps they are a fan of online webcomics about gaming. There’s always time to prepare for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Print out and frame this so your geek knows where they stand. Always be prepared.


For the Normals:

You could always just go with something useful. People drink lattes, right? Or maybe it’s prescription soda. TV fans might like tall gangly gingers. Maybe they smell bad. That’s why they just moved out on their own. Don’t let them drink alone. Relax. Read a book. Have a cup of tea. In other news, liking facebook doesn’t make you a geek. Neither does cooking, although we do like the test tubes.


Lady Friends:

Can’t go wrong with jewelry. Always make sure your keys are warm. NGL, this looks pretty girly but interesting. I should really play with my hair more. Squee! A subscription to an awesome magazine also works. Men aren’t the only ones with coin purses. I could write this forever.

For your Knitter:

Buy yarn and back away. No links. No pictures. Just buy the yarn or yarn store giftcards and leave.

I wasn’t compensated in any way for anything in this post. None of these links lead to me getting any money and I wasn’t approached by any of these companies to write for them. Nyergh. If you would like to compensate me, I would be happy to accept. =D


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