Recalling a small experience from Pax

Two Bioshock Infinite cosplayers were picking up their tickets from me, and I remarked to them that they were from the gay barbershop quartet, right?
They were really surprised at the fact that I knew where they were from. “How do you know?” they asked.
I was surprised at their question, and replied, “I played the game…”
“Oh.” They took their badges, and went to find the two other members of their quartet, I assume.
It was an odd little experience. I wonder if they were surprised because they thought maybe I was hired staff and somehow an outsider, or if they were surprised because I’m a woman. Kind of weird either way, at a hugely popular gaming convention.

Here’s a picture of yarn I bought in Boston. It sparkles.

Unicorn Snuggles Yarn

Unicorn Snuggles Yarn, Colorway is Lockjaw of the Pet Avengers

In unrelated news, I recently bought a few notebooks, and placed an order with Goulet Pens for another pen, another notebook, and a package of ink samples. I may have a problem.