Recalling a small experience from Pax

Two Bioshock Infinite cosplayers were picking up their tickets from me, and I remarked to them that they were from the gay barbershop quartet, right?
They were really surprised at the fact that I knew where they were from. “How do you know?” they asked.
I was surprised at their question, and replied, “I played the game…”
“Oh.” They took their badges, and went to find the two other members of their quartet, I assume.
It was an odd little experience. I wonder if they were surprised because they thought maybe I was hired staff and somehow an outsider, or if they were surprised because I’m a woman. Kind of weird either way, at a hugely popular gaming convention.

Here’s a picture of yarn I bought in Boston. It sparkles.

Unicorn Snuggles Yarn

Unicorn Snuggles Yarn, Colorway is Lockjaw of the Pet Avengers

In unrelated news, I recently bought a few notebooks, and placed an order with Goulet Pens for another pen, another notebook, and a package of ink samples. I may have a problem.

im still alive u guise

Movies in 2014: So far I’m keeping my resolution to watch a new movie each week.

Week One: Robot & Frank – This movie was simultaneously adorable and sweet and sad. I recommend watching it. Frank Langella and Susan Sarandon are great in it.
Week Two: Primer – I highly recommend watching this movie, if you want to watch a movie several times to understand it. Which, why wouldn’t you? All I’m going to say is, time travel is involved.
Week Three: We’re the Millers – I laughed a lot. I was not convinced by Jennifer Aniston’s stripping, though I guess it was hot? I don’t know. Jason Sudekis was hilarious, as usual.

Programming: I’m currently working my way through Learn Ruby the Hard Way and the Ruby course on CodeAcademy, and it is interesting. Basically, when I get bored of one of their “voices”, I switch to the other. Really mixes things up, because they are *not* teaching the same things at the same time. Although, of the topics where they have overlapped so far, their differing voices really gave me new insights that the other did now.

It took me way too long to conceptualize For loops, and for that, I feel ashamed.

Knitting: I came up with a pattern for a new hat, but I don’t know where I put it, so you’re just going to have to wait on that. And, I gave both prototypes to my mother, so no photos of the finished products, but I will share the latest (v3) in progress, when it’s started. C’est la vie, mon amie. For the record, teal Malabrigo Silky Merino.

I put a lot of work into it, but I think I’m going to put it out for free on this blog anyway.

In yarn-related-ish news, I sold my spinning wheel. I was never using it, and I needed more room in the apartment.

Thoughts about PaxEast (2010)

First things first: I will not ever wear or generally support wearing a dickwolf shirt. I will not find anyone wearing that shirt at pax endearing, and yes, that includes Gabe/Mike. Despite having laughed at the strip in question, I found it problematic and the response from penny arcade fans was horrifying. And that’s as deeply as I want to go into that discussion, for now.

Now that that’s out of the way, my thoughts on last years Paxeast.
Interesting tech shown off but I’m not really hardware geeky enough to realize the difference between different video cards beyond “this one has a bigger number”. Likewise, I’ve always found 3d to be rather gimmicky, so I wasn’t too impressed with the 3d gaming experiences, however, if the tech continues advancing I can totally see virtual reality games becoming reality reality.

There were lots of booths not selling anything at all, just trying to get the word out about their games and hardware, so I ended up with a ton of tshirts (including one for APB, which totally failed in execution right after being released). I also got some small bags, and my favorites ended up being the ones for D&D and for Pokemon. The booths that were selling merch were also pretty fairly priced, with the exception of the food area which was more like eating in a movie theater.

There weren’t as many women as there were men, but it certainly wasn’t an overwhelming ratio. I honestly wasn’t really paying that much attention to the other people attending.

It’s the night before PAX 2011 and I’m pretty excited for tomorrow. 🙂

One part knitting, one part nerd

First part of this post is going to be knitting geekery, then a quick shift to computer and video game geeking out, in case some of you don’t want to read a certain part.

A few quick links to Halloween projects I thought were really cool recently:

Knitted Skeleton | Easy Devil Horn Tutorial | Tiny Crochet Pumpkin | Pumpkin Latte Embroidery

I totally get the knitting pattern books devoted to knitting with luxury yarns now. Up until now the most luxurious yarn I’ve worked with is Malabrigo.(Worsted 210 yd/$11). Which isn’t to say that Malabrigo isn’t luxury, I totally loved knitting with it compared to WotA and 220. On the other hand, I’ve never spent more than $11 on a single skein of yarn before last weekend and that is a lot of money for me, so really the rubric is if I have to work for more than an hour to afford it, its a luxury I can rarely afford.

I’m considering working with ther baby alpaca I got first, and of all the yarn I’ve ever bought (or even touched), its the softest. (DK 665 yd/$25) In terms of yardage, it was a total steal and I would have bought a second skein, but I didn’t want to spend half my Rhinebeck budget on a yarn I was buying on a whim unless it was very special yarn I’m using for a special purpose that I’ll post about later. 😉

So far, I’ve decided on just making myself a winter set with the yarn, although picking the patterns is taking a bit more time. For the hat, I like Hermoine Hearts Ron, but I’m still open to different patterns. For the neck, I searched through my queue and through the database, and I have decided! on Thermis. The mitten decision is still a work in progress, but I’ve been leaning towards Urban Necessity, although I will have to adjust the pattern, since I don’t think I’ll get gauge. All in all, I wanted to find patterns that I felt wouldn’t let the yarn down, and since it was so soft, I wanted to keep it against my skin. ^^

Still working on the body of my Sexy Vesty. It’s coming along rather slowly since I started using my new spindle. =D No pictures this time around, because the camera is officially on its last legs.

PaxEast recently announced that they were open for early registration, and I’ll defintely be there if anyone reading this is also planning on it. Last year I was only able to go on Sunday because the tickets sold out really fast, but this year I’m buying the tickets a hell of a lot earlier.

Last year there were a few games that were available to play there, months before they came out, and I tried out a FPS in 3d. It was pretty cool, but not really my thing. APB was available to play, about 5 seats for police, 5 for outlaws, and the fact that the promoters were tossing out t-shirts made it a really popular booth. It’s too bad that the game committed suicide (they made some baaaaad decisions) because the concept was fairly interesting: a cross between gta and counterstrike. I still have a t-shirt with APB on it 🙂 I use it to sleep in.

Despite being a pretty big con, there weren’t as many booths to blow money at. I think the bulk of the con is companies showing off new types of video cards that haven’t come out yet, and new games. And the free stuff that they give out is pretty awesome.

Brief Intermission

For anyone who actually cares, I actually have finished writing up both my sock pattern and my pattern for a mini-Stargate, however, I haven’t taken any pictures at all yet, other than putting together a simple chart for the sock lace pattern. Which, I suppose is probably good enough, but I think it’s just easier for everyone if I have photos of how the socks look finished, and how they look on my feetsies. As for the stargate, the construction is odd enough that I think not having any pictures is just going to be a huge mistake. So all in all, don’t think I’m completely putting this blog by the wayside.

I think I should find a clothing store that sells nice cotton long-sleeved scoop necked tees and just buy 2 of every color available in my size. If only I had the money for that… Mainly I think I just need one in black. I also need to buy a nice pair of black pants or jeans (leaning towards jeans), and this is all mostly because I really want to dress up as Vala Mal Doran for Halloween which, aside from being a pretty kick-ass outfit in it’s own right is one that wouldn’t cause raised eyebrows at work. I should probably add black boots to the shopping list too, since I don’t own those either… Ack.

Photos Unrelated

The yarn I've waited so long for... Pretty sure it was worth it.

So my work schedule got changed on me again. I’m a temp, I deal, it happens. I wish it wouldn’t, but I don’t think I’m in a place to make demands, especially since it took me months to find this job to begin with. I went from full time 5 days a week, to 3 days a week, to getting called in randomly on my days of, and now I’m part time, but 5 days a week. So now I need to find some money to get an unlimited metrocard, which I currently DON’T have because I spent my transportation money on a regular. YAY. I guess Richard will lend me some money until my check on Wednesday, at which point I’ll have enough money, plus money to save. God, this scheduling really fucks around with my budgeting.

I recently started working my way through sg:a on netflix because nothing else other than True Blood is on. (Bones and 30 Rock are starting up soon! =D) I like it, but I love sg1 far far more, even though season 1’s clip-show was more interesting than any of sg1’s.

I dunno, maybe I just don’t like the Wraith. Where the Goauld were funny and sometime hotties, the Wraith and icky and they look sticky to touch. Perhaps it is the reverse catfish-whisker holes in their faces that skeeve me out, or maybe its the piranha teeth. Orrrr their weird evolutionary back-story that I just do not buy.

I liked Ba’al. He was amusing and good looking. I dunno, Todd and his ilk do nothing for me.

Anyways, my socks. I finished up the second sock (One week socks, yay!) and I have my name for the pattern, I’m putting it together and that at least, should hopefully be released by the end of next week. I do need to figure out how I’m going to photograph the socks, since I don’t have any blockers, or wire hangers. =\

Knitting Mochimochi signing

Sometimes I say really stupid things. Like, ok, a friend from high school got married recently, and I was at their wedding, and the bride was thanking everyone for being there, and she said, “Thanks for coming.” and I, in my infinite coolness say “Thank you for getting married.” She stared at me for a second, and then went on to the next person. And of course, I heard that person say, “Did she just thank you for getting married?”

I am so infinitely uncool sometimes I don’t know what to do.

So yeah, on Tuesday the Lion Brand Yarn Studio held a book signing for Knitting Mochimochi (by Anna Hrachovec) and I got my book signed. There was a whole big thing where I didn’t think I would make it, and so Rich went to the store for me, but then I got out early and I went there, and yeah whole big thing. I got the book is what matters, and a set of size 1 bamboo dpns. (I really think I’m going to break them, they seem so fragile and tiny.)

The tiny knits from the book: VERY tiny

All the stuff knitted for the book was there, and the author was there too, and its so weird meeting people who are famous. Ok, she’s not exactly famous famous, but knitting famous is famous enough. The fact that she has anything published is really all it takes to impress me. I was second in line to get my book signed, and she gets to me, and I have no idea what to say, I mean, really, was thrusting my book at her and grunting my name going to make me appear like a normal person? Probably not, but being normal is not exactly a “skill” I’ve “acquired” over time.

So I was like, “Hi, I’m Michele” and she was all “How do you spell that?” And rather than SPELL IT OUT I go, “The normal way. Except with one L.” Real smooth.

She has better handwriting than me >_>

I told her about my llama pattern, and I should probably get on actually finishing that pattern. I think it’s mostly proofread. I just haven’t decided yet whether it’s worth paying a buck or two for or not. =\ Perhaps I will see if any test knitters want to take a crack at it on Ravelry and get their feedback.

I did finish a pattern for a tiny knitted geekery item, and I will be posting that for free soon.