The Annual List – 2014 Edition

It’s a brand new year, and a blizzard approaches.

I’ve spent the last 2 years since I got my current job, being pretty down on myself. I haven’t written as much as I wanted to, and I let my html & Css skills go by the wayside. I will make up for it in 2014!

I’m going to start brushing up on my css & photoshop and redo the blog, and I do have plans to write more often, hopefully once a week, starting today.

Well, let’s get on with it. Time for my annual list.


  1. In 2013, I lost 20 pounds, which is amazing. For 2014, my goal is 15.
  2. Read a new book once a month, or listen on Audible. I got a few books for Christmas, and I’m looking forward to starting them.
  3. Watch one new to me movie a week. On Netflix, HBO, or at the movies. Lots of classics I’ve never watched.
  4. Learn some new programming languages. I studied Java in high school (almost a decade ago!) and I’m sure it’s changed, so it’s time to learn again!
    1. Ruby
    2. Java
    3. Python
  5. Write a very simple program for Android, even if I don’t publish it.
  6. Buy more artwork for my home. We repainted the hallway and living room, and things are already looking brighter.
  7. Release 2 new knitting patterns. Currently test knitting one of them.
  8. Sell my spinning wheel. It was fun, but I don’t use it enough to merit keeping it. Also, I could use the money.
  9. Knit 3 adult size sweaters.
    10. Knit 2-3 shawls plus as many as I can of new hats, cowls, gloves, & mittens!

  10. Find a new job. I’m depressed at my current job. There’s no way for me to move up, there’s no appreciation, and I despise my office manager. So many people have quit in the past year. This is not a healthy attitude or a healthy environment for me!
  11. Set up a healthy emergency fund. Right now, my emergency fund is my credit card, and that’s a dangerous thing to depend on.

Wow, looking back on that, some of my resolutions are a real bummer. Here’s a photo of one of my cats. Happy new year!

Hiding Cat


Twenty Twelve

so blue!

Why did I only buy one skein of Madeline Tosh Merino Light? What I am going to do with one ball?!

Last year’s goals were admirable, but mostly a flop (shock of shocks!)

  1. Get back to size 6 or drop 20 lbs. HAHA
  2. Cut half of sugar out of diet. Actual sugar? Mostly cut out. Juice/soda? About the same. 
  3. Use up at least 10 balls of stash. Probably added twice that amount last year in yarn.
  4. Complete the 11 shawls in 2011 challenge Got through about 3 and got bored of shawls.
  5. Upload llama and cat pdfs to Ravelry. I should really start on these…
  6. Knit a sweater with sleeves Did it! Aidez 
  7. Get married (*gulp!*) Did it! 
  8. Find a full time job Did it!
  9. Start filling out applications to go back to school Still not sure what I want to study. 
  10. Get a Driver’s Licence *grumbles*
  11. The most important: MOVE Moved, sick of current apt.
This year should be less eventful, I hope. No babies or new pets in my near future unless something horrible (or amazing) happens. I joined a weekly knitting group in my neighborhood, which has really helped me get a lot of knitting done. Not so much photographing it for the blog though. =\
This years goals:
  1. Either lose some weight or be able to do 10 real push-ups.
  2. Use up fiber or yarn in stash to make room for new yarn.
  3. Knit a sweater or two, and a ton of mittens and hats. Continue to hate winter.
  4. Upload llama pdf. (Maybe make it first)
  5. Learn to drive or sell car.
  6. Move to a better apt, like one with heat.
  7. Get through stack of paperwork on desk at work (its a real yearlong goal!)
  8. Have a year where the cats don’t eat my knitting.

I’d say lets check back in 6-7 months, but I’m probably not going to do that.

2011: New Year’s Goals

My holidays were busy and tiring. Finally, I’m at the end of the holiday season, and I can relax. No one will expect me to spend money on them, and I can work on knitting the hats that have been requested of me. Ahhhhhhh.

If I make resolutions, I’m sure as heck not going to keep them. It’s just a given. On the other hand, goals don’t judge you so much if you don’t meet them. They’re all, it’s ok, at least you tried, and then you go right back to eating double chocolate fudge for breakfast. Hopefully my goals will be a mix of attainable and aspirational.

  1. Get back to size 6 or drop 20 lbs.
  2. Cut half of sugar out of diet.
  3. Use up at least 10 balls of stash
  4. Complete the 11 shawls in 2011 challenge
  5. Upload llama and cat pdfs to Ravelry.
  6. Knit a sweater with sleeves
  7. Get married (*gulp!*)
  8. Find a full time job
  9. Start filling out applications to go back to school
  10. Get a Driver’s Licence
  11. The most important: MOVE

We’ll check in June or July and see how I’ve done. 🙂

Winter Madness

One of the most irritating aspects of winter, aside from the cold, is the shorter days. I leave for work before daylight starts finally showing through our windows, and by the time I get back, the sun is already starting to set.

So, while I have quite a few projects finished, I haven’t been able to photograph them. I had bought two balls of KnitPicks Stroll in Deep Waters, and used the first ball to knit a Traveling Woman shawl for a Secret Santa swap at work, but halfway through the project I ended up deciding it was far too pretty to just give to a coworker. It’ll be going to a friend as her gift.

The first shawl didn’t even take a full ball, which surprised me, so I cast on a second, to keep for myself. I’m already into the first lace chart and I still have yarn left, a small ball about am inch in diameter right now, maybe enough to last me one our two more rows. Still, I would have thought that the shawl would take a lot more yarn. Blocked it’s quite large.

The friend is getting her gift on wednesday so hopefully expect action shots afterwards.

Prepping for Xmas

Recently, I changed the header. I like this one a lot better, and the nice part is that I drew the yarn ball and the bouncy lines all myself. 🙂 (On GIMP) This one is much cuter, don’t you think?

Well, this post is going to be broken up into paragraphs full of links to possible gifts or gift ideas, so if you’re not a fan of clicking noises…. probably not the post for you.

For the Geek in your life:

If you’ve got a ton of money to spend, and one person to spend it on, why not a tablet? If your geek likes cars, why not put together a car kit for him or her? Is he a handyperson? Perhaps they are a fan of online webcomics about gaming. There’s always time to prepare for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Print out and frame this so your geek knows where they stand. Always be prepared.


For the Normals:

You could always just go with something useful. People drink lattes, right? Or maybe it’s prescription soda. TV fans might like tall gangly gingers. Maybe they smell bad. That’s why they just moved out on their own. Don’t let them drink alone. Relax. Read a book. Have a cup of tea. In other news, liking facebook doesn’t make you a geek. Neither does cooking, although we do like the test tubes.


Lady Friends:

Can’t go wrong with jewelry. Always make sure your keys are warm. NGL, this looks pretty girly but interesting. I should really play with my hair more. Squee! A subscription to an awesome magazine also works. Men aren’t the only ones with coin purses. I could write this forever.

For your Knitter:

Buy yarn and back away. No links. No pictures. Just buy the yarn or yarn store giftcards and leave.

I wasn’t compensated in any way for anything in this post. None of these links lead to me getting any money and I wasn’t approached by any of these companies to write for them. Nyergh. If you would like to compensate me, I would be happy to accept. =D

Quickie gifts to make for other people

My birthday is coming up soon, and I figured I might as well post this now rather than far off into the future. Imagine that this is the first of many many future lists. And god, how I love lists. If you have any suggestions for future quickie crafts just leave a comment. Hopefully all the photos are properly credited. >_>

I wanted this list to be a lot longer, but I figure I’ll add new projects in future gift lists.

I’ve knit things for other people, and I enjoy seeing them wearing things I’ve made for them, be it hats or gloves. Generally though, I don’t make anything that takes more than 2 hours to make, because watching people “mistreat” things I’ve spent hours and most of my patience to make.

So here’s a list of crafts I like that don’t take up a lot of room to make, don’t require buying any crazy equipment, and are cheap. (I am assuming that you people have at least a modicum of crafting supplies.) Please take any necessary precautions when making your stuff. Don’t go and lock your self in a room with an open tube of E-6000.

Flower Earrings

Image from Grosgrain, also I need those earrings

I recently lost my flower earrings that seriously looked just like the ones in this tutorial, and I totally intend on making new earrings to replace the ones I lost. The same tut works for making any type of earring you can make with a small bead or button. I’ve done this with bobby pins and hair clips as well, if you or your friends are into that kind of thing. I typed flowers 10 mm in the supplies search box for Etsy and came up with a lot of great beads that would be perfect for this project. You can further specify and type cabochons for ones you don’t have to snip the backs off of.

Quick links: Earring Posts, E-6000 Glue

Total Price: Under $10 for an absurd amount of earrings

Custom “designed” Ceramics

Like an iron-on decal for your mug. Image from DesignSponge.

A somewhat easy project from Design*Sponge. I’d do it on mugs or cups or whatever the hell you have around that happens to be oven safe or microwave safe if the paper you buy allows for that.

Quick Links: Decal Paper

Total Price: Under $20, depending on where you buy the paper and the ceramic-ware.

Altoids Tool Kit

Image from Lifehacker

Maybe some people wouldn’t be so excited to receive something like this project from Lifehacker, but I would totally dig it. Possibilities for tool kits for other crafts work too. Thread, needles, and notions for sewers and cross-stitchers, tool-kits for knitters and crocheters, and so on. Combine with this tutorial (which might require some tools) or decoupaging it, and it’s ridonk cute.

Total Price: Under $20, even lower depending on what you already have on hand. Right now, this would be under $10 for me.

Envelope Gift Bags

Image from Howaboutorange

These aren’t technically a gift, but if you did buy something and want to cute that up, this tutorial takes a regular envelop and turns it into a great bag. Perhaps it can store the earrings you made, eh???

Total Price: Under $5, if I could figure out how to print on envelopes this would be free. Alas, printers are hard. I’ll just go to the craft store and buy a damn stamp.

Other Quick Project Links