Boston Trip 2014

Pax East 2014:

Pax East Swag

Some of the swag I picked up. Note the CAH pins!

Boston was great this year, and the weather really cooperated. Which made the coat I brought along a giant waste of time and luggage space.

I worked the convention again this year, and on that front, everything went well. Minimal amount of rude/mean people. Saw some great cosplay, including a person dressed up as a companion cube from Portal. Also saw some games that I will be buying/downloading in the very near future. To name a few: Evil Within, Crowman & Wolfboy, and Kingdom for Kieflings. I also picked up the 90s nostalgia expansion and a full set of PaxEast expansion cards for Cards Against Humanity. I’m still missing #18 for a second set of those.

I really didn’t take a lot of photos this year. I was more interested in really experiencing the con, and I totally did. Already making plans for next year. 🙂



While in Boston for Pax, I stopped by Gather Here [link] in Cambridge. It was a small shop on a corner, but stuffed with yarn, fabric, and notions. I highly recommend this shop to anyone visiting Boston, and it’s only a 5-10 minute walk from the train station.



I finished Knitting my Volcano Cowl with Tess Superwash in a teal color, which looks really great, but matches my coat so closely in color that I don’t like wearing them together. I picked up 2 skeins of Madeline Tosh Vintage in Charcoal for a second cowl.


Once I finished the cowl, I immediately cast on an Olive Blouse, using Miss Babs Katahdin in Impatiens, which is a really bright pink magenta, and Madeline Tosh Sock in Tern for the yoke and edgings. It is going to a be a very long slog of stockinette for a while…



I bought a Lamy Safari pen in the blue color, and immediately fell in love. I’ve already bought ink and (several) notebooks to write in, so it seems that I’ll be writing much more often. I switched out the Lamy blue ink for Noodler’s Eel Blue which is much more saturated and bluer. Lamy’s is not as strong and leans more purple. The pen has a fine tip, which isn’t quite fine enough for me, so I’ll probably be switching that out to an Extra Fine when I have a few spare bucks. Or maybe I’ll see if I can get my hands on the LE Neon Coral in May. =P


One thought on “Boston Trip 2014

  1. Hey Michele, one of the Crowman & Wolfboy devs here, I’m really glad you liked the game! I showed your post to everyone else in the team and we all agree that it is really awesome to be mentioned, especially with a game like The Evil Within! Anyway, thanks a lot for the support!

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