Attempts at Rhinebeck Artichoke French duplication – Part 1




Just in time for Thanksgiving, I’m working on approximating the lovely Artichokes French I wait on line 30 minutes for every year at Rhinebeck. 

According to less than 2 minutes of googling, Artichokes French seem to be a regional dish, specific to central NY, mainly Rochester (like Wegmans!). I started my saga using this recipe and ended up with this:



Photos taken with lovely potato camera. Camera, made from potato, brings my cooking to you. 



It turned out DELICIOUS, but not quite there. I realized too late that there wasn’t any garlic included in the recipe. Oh well, I still ate the whole thing.


Changes to be made to part two:

  • replacing the 2nd egg with water. The egg wash was too thick and eggy. 
  • Tossing panko breadcrumbs with the artichokes before transferring to plate. 
  • Add crushed garlic to the butter – maybe one or two cloves
  • slightly more lemon juice



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