I hate being angry. I really do. So when someone tries to sell my work, work that I am giving away for free, I got incredibly angry, and then felt hurt and then pity for the person stealing my work. How unoriginal and lazy to sell someone else’s designs (not even the finished items!) it’s like selling the bibles those Gideon’s people give away: why?

Selling knitting, crochet, or sewing patterns without the permission of the original author is against the law. Full stop. Even if they are free. When you buy or receive a pattern, you are not the new copyright holder. Saying that the pattern was passed down through the generations is not a way of circumventing copyright. You are paying for the ability to use the pattern.

People are going to steal my work. I have now come to grips with that. Going forward, I will have to watermark all my photos before they reach the Internet. I didn’t particularly want to, but there it is. It will at least, require the thieves to put in a bit of effort. Any future patens, of which I have one or two in the works, will end up being sold through Ravelry. I would like to see some of this money that others are getting for my work.



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