June Birchbox

Kind of late to the game, but then again, so was my Birchbox! It was just a whole big thing, but I finally received it, and I’m a lot happier with this month’s box as compared to last month’s.

It’s a box of stuff! WhoooOoooo

Lavanila Body Butter: I guess if you mixed some butter with a whole lot of water it would feel like this. I expect body butter to be thicker and richer, this was light and smelly. And I read the name of the company and totally thought it was going to be Lavender Vanilla, the two scents I hate to wear the most, but it’s actually Vanilla Coconut. I’ll use it, I guess, but I won’t like it. Body butter, my ass.

Sircuit Molecular Mist: I don’t know what this is really, is it a Fix+ wannabe? Seems like it. I do know that I sprayed myself in the mouth trying to spray my face and that was not cool. Obnoxious name, too.

Kate Spade Twirl: Twirl is not an old lady perfume. I don’t know anything about how flowers smell aside from the fact that roses do and carnations really don’t, but I thought it was floral and spritely. Twentysomething year old Tinkerbell would probably wear it.

Laura Geller Blush: This blush is kind of a what the hell dealio. It looks like a super sparkly bronzer, so I applied it verrrrrry lightly to try it out for work today. Not too bad, and a little less in your face than my MAC Mighty Aphrodite, though scads more shimmery. But then, I can’t pretend to be a dumpier version of Wonder Woman. There’s a rinky dink mirror in there that is just basically a waste of time for everyone involved. I can see my whole eyeball in it, and nothing else. Whoo.

Deborah Lippman Stripper to go: I actually found these pretty nifty, each packet has one mitt, but the one mitt is very good for taking off a lot of polish. I would have to say, that I got about 95% of my polish off.


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