PaxEast 2011

Funny how planning a wedding in under two months sucks up a lot of time and energy, even when not doing planning related stuff. Sunday is my bridal shower, and I am… wary.

Anyway, here are some photos of PaxEast, taken on my phone camera.

Day One, already pretty crowded

Automata, excellent cosplayer

Trying on Utilikilts

A Big Daddy and Little Sister playing Dance Central on an xbox on the last day

Playing Super Dungeon Explore

It was pretty fun. =)

People could climb up into this thing and it would open up and make noise.

Learning to play Dungeons and Dragons (4th ed.)

NCSoft showed off new classes for Guild Wars 2. It looks fantastic.

Castle Crashers on an arcade thinger. I liked it so much, I came home and bought it on the PS3. 🙂


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