Thoughts about PaxEast (2010)

First things first: I will not ever wear or generally support wearing a dickwolf shirt. I will not find anyone wearing that shirt at pax endearing, and yes, that includes Gabe/Mike. Despite having laughed at the strip in question, I found it problematic and the response from penny arcade fans was horrifying. And that’s as deeply as I want to go into that discussion, for now.

Now that that’s out of the way, my thoughts on last years Paxeast.
Interesting tech shown off but I’m not really hardware geeky enough to realize the difference between different video cards beyond “this one has a bigger number”. Likewise, I’ve always found 3d to be rather gimmicky, so I wasn’t too impressed with the 3d gaming experiences, however, if the tech continues advancing I can totally see virtual reality games becoming reality reality.

There were lots of booths not selling anything at all, just trying to get the word out about their games and hardware, so I ended up with a ton of tshirts (including one for APB, which totally failed in execution right after being released). I also got some small bags, and my favorites ended up being the ones for D&D and for Pokemon. The booths that were selling merch were also pretty fairly priced, with the exception of the food area which was more like eating in a movie theater.

There weren’t as many women as there were men, but it certainly wasn’t an overwhelming ratio. I honestly wasn’t really paying that much attention to the other people attending.

It’s the night before PAX 2011 and I’m pretty excited for tomorrow. 🙂


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