Winter Madness

One of the most irritating aspects of winter, aside from the cold, is the shorter days. I leave for work before daylight starts finally showing through our windows, and by the time I get back, the sun is already starting to set.

So, while I have quite a few projects finished, I haven’t been able to photograph them. I had bought two balls of KnitPicks Stroll in Deep Waters, and used the first ball to knit a Traveling Woman shawl for a Secret Santa swap at work, but halfway through the project I ended up deciding it was far too pretty to just give to a coworker. It’ll be going to a friend as her gift.

The first shawl didn’t even take a full ball, which surprised me, so I cast on a second, to keep for myself. I’m already into the first lace chart and I still have yarn left, a small ball about am inch in diameter right now, maybe enough to last me one our two more rows. Still, I would have thought that the shawl would take a lot more yarn. Blocked it’s quite large.

The friend is getting her gift on wednesday so hopefully expect action shots afterwards.


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