Rhinebeck 2010, a photo post

I am pretty sure I missed a whole swath of booths at Rhinebeck, but it was a pretty huge event and there was so much crammed into the buildings that I didn’t even realize @_@ I ended up going with two non-knitters, Rich & his sister, and having a pretty damn good time. I didn’t take out my camera very much, because it was so crowded and there was barely room to move around some of the booths, let alone take out a camera.

Rhinebeck 2010

First off, the food: It was AWESOME. Artichokes French was worth the long line, and I am going to buy at least two bags of maple cotton candy next time around. I should have bought some of the spice packs from the olive oil sauce booth, and I’m regretting not doing that. Rich bought a pretzel and got maple and spicy honey mustard dipping sauces. The maple one made the pretzel taste just like a piece of french toast.


I’m not going to spend too much time talking about my purchases, so I’ll just post the photos I took afterwards, with captions for the yarn fibers and weight.

White Laceweight yarn

Laceweight 50% merino, 50% silk

Wild Apple Hill Farm Yarn

Worsted 100% wool, fairly scratchy, but I'm not making clothes with it

Prime Alpaca

Alpaca yarn, over 600 yards in dk weight, the most squishy and soft yarn I've touched so far in my life

Alpaca & Merino

90% alpaca and 10% merino, this was a gift from Rich's sister

Fine Wool Top

Fine Wool Top from Shadeyside. I got 4 oz

The New Spindle

I also bought a new spindle (but I don't remember where) for spinning lightweight yarns. It weighs .4 oz

Spinning lace

My work so far

All in all, I totally loved Rhinebeck, although I do wish I actually knew people on Ravelry so I could meet up with them. I went to the Ravelry party for a few minutes, but it was fairly crowded, and again, I don’t know anyone.

Plans for next year: Maybe will book a motel room nearby, and take a spinning wheel class


3 thoughts on “Rhinebeck 2010, a photo post

  1. I went by myself and only know a few Ravelers, but getting to meet more each year. If you go next year, let’s meet up. I’ll probably be by myself again….I’m TammyG on Rav..

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