Lazy Weekend

Next weekend is Rhinebeck, and I am practically buzzing with excitement. it’s going to be my first trip ever there, and I’m so excited to see all the yarn and buy a lot of it, see the sheep and other adorable farm animals, eat like crazy, and check out the Sheep dog competitions, which I know the fiancé will be into. I’ve put together a list of stuff that I at least want to find if not buy.

In no particular order:

  1. Laceweight alpaca/silk blend yarn.
  2. Sock blockers for my feet size, & maaaaybe the fiancé
  3. Buttons – hopefully in those big baggies of all assorted buttons.
  4. Project bag(s)
  5. Some assorted balls of worsted yarn for Xmas gifts


This weekend was the Yarn Crawl here at NYC, but I’m not really doing anything about it this year. Money is tight and what little I do have is getting saved up for Rhinebeck. On the way back, we might be stopping by the Woodbury Commons so I can pick up something for a new costume I’m thinking about, because my preferred Vala Mal Doran costume is out of my price range. >_>


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