Brief Intermission

For anyone who actually cares, I actually have finished writing up both my sock pattern and my pattern for a mini-Stargate, however, I haven’t taken any pictures at all yet, other than putting together a simple chart for the sock lace pattern. Which, I suppose is probably good enough, but I think it’s just easier for everyone if I have photos of how the socks look finished, and how they look on my feetsies. As for the stargate, the construction is odd enough that I think not having any pictures is just going to be a huge mistake. So all in all, don’t think I’m completely putting this blog by the wayside.

I think I should find a clothing store that sells nice cotton long-sleeved scoop necked tees and just buy 2 of every color available in my size. If only I had the money for that… Mainly I think I just need one in black. I also need to buy a nice pair of black pants or jeans (leaning towards jeans), and this is all mostly because I really want to dress up as Vala Mal Doran for Halloween which, aside from being a pretty kick-ass outfit in it’s own right is one that wouldn’t cause raised eyebrows at work. I should probably add black boots to the shopping list too, since I don’t own those either… Ack.


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