Photos Unrelated

The yarn I've waited so long for... Pretty sure it was worth it.

So my work schedule got changed on me again. I’m a temp, I deal, it happens. I wish it wouldn’t, but I don’t think I’m in a place to make demands, especially since it took me months to find this job to begin with. I went from full time 5 days a week, to 3 days a week, to getting called in randomly on my days of, and now I’m part time, but 5 days a week. So now I need to find some money to get an unlimited metrocard, which I currently DON’T have because I spent my transportation money on a regular. YAY. I guess Richard will lend me some money until my check on Wednesday, at which point I’ll have enough money, plus money to save. God, this scheduling really fucks around with my budgeting.

I recently started working my way through sg:a on netflix because nothing else other than True Blood is on. (Bones and 30 Rock are starting up soon! =D) I like it, but I love sg1 far far more, even though season 1’s clip-show was more interesting than any of sg1’s.

I dunno, maybe I just don’t like the Wraith. Where the Goauld were funny and sometime hotties, the Wraith and icky and they look sticky to touch. Perhaps it is the reverse catfish-whisker holes in their faces that skeeve me out, or maybe its the piranha teeth. Orrrr their weird evolutionary back-story that I just do not buy.

I liked Ba’al. He was amusing and good looking. I dunno, Todd and his ilk do nothing for me.

Anyways, my socks. I finished up the second sock (One week socks, yay!) and I have my name for the pattern, I’m putting it together and that at least, should hopefully be released by the end of next week. I do need to figure out how I’m going to photograph the socks, since I don’t have any blockers, or wire hangers. =\


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