Sweater? Socks! Oh…

I went to Brooklyn General Store on Tuesday, and ended up buying 3 skeins of Malabrigo in Tortuga.  Other than the fact that they were in dire need to restock their Cascade 220, the rest of their stock was pretty awesome and I’ll probably end up going back (for more Malabrigo) and buying some Cascade Eco. Hopefully next month because I really need to stop the money bleeding out of my wallet. Getting an Amazon Prime account Did. Not. Help.

Whatever, i’m getting a $9 Furminator on Monday. WORD UP. Is it strange that I’m really looking forward to brushing my cat?

Anyway, Malabrigo. I spent some time rolling one of the skeins up into a ball to see how the yarn felt, and just check it out, because I’ve never actually worked with a single-ply before. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I love it! And was planning to cast on to make a swatch this week so I could start an Abalone, but then I somehow did this:

For the Curious: Knit Picks Stroll in Dusk

That right there is a pattern I made up. For socks. (which will be posted soon it’s not like I have a whole list of patterns that I still haven’t posted yet….) But unlike the rest of the patterns, I actually took the time to make a chart that I’ve already got ready to go.

Only thing is, I have to go pick up 6 balls of Cascade either today or tomorrow (it finally came in) and I wanted to make a Sexy Vesty with most of that, so I don’t know when I’m going to be able to make my Abalone. Maybe for Spring? >_>


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