Small Knitting Update

Mr TV, the TV

I think in the last few weeks I haven’t spent a day sans knitting. After buying Knitting Mochimochi I didn’t actually start on a project for a few days because I had a bunch of small projects that I was working on and then right when I did start working on TV Guy I had an idea for a very miniature knitted Stargate, which I’ll be posting a pattern for soon, but I want to get grey yarn and knit a sample for the pattern before I go and publish it.

I call this one "Looks off wistfully into the distance"

Can I tell you how much I love the patterns in KM? I made an alligator for Richard, and I’m doing a few small bed bugs with some yarn scraps, but I’ve been holding off on knitting more of the patterns , namely the pig, the tiny pencil, and the couch until I have yarn in the colors I want to work with.

All he needs is a hat

My photos look a little different this time around because over the weekend I bought some foam core and white duct tape and built myself a small light box. Next time around I’ll make it bigger, but whatever, it works and my photo doesn’t look weird. And, what’s more, I can take very good looking photos for future patterns and for Etsy shop listings. Yayyy me.


2 thoughts on “Small Knitting Update

  1. hi
    sorry to bother
    loved mr tv
    my grand baby (son)
    would love mr tv
    did you write up pattern and i missed or are you still in the progress
    thanks for listening
    grand ma

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