Knitting Mochimochi signing

Sometimes I say really stupid things. Like, ok, a friend from high school got married recently, and I was at their wedding, and the bride was thanking everyone for being there, and she said, “Thanks for coming.” and I, in my infinite coolness say “Thank you for getting married.” She stared at me for a second, and then went on to the next person. And of course, I heard that person say, “Did she just thank you for getting married?”

I am so infinitely uncool sometimes I don’t know what to do.

So yeah, on Tuesday the Lion Brand Yarn Studio held a book signing for Knitting Mochimochi (by Anna Hrachovec) and I got my book signed. There was a whole big thing where I didn’t think I would make it, and so Rich went to the store for me, but then I got out early and I went there, and yeah whole big thing. I got the book is what matters, and a set of size 1 bamboo dpns. (I really think I’m going to break them, they seem so fragile and tiny.)

The tiny knits from the book: VERY tiny

All the stuff knitted for the book was there, and the author was there too, and its so weird meeting people who are famous. Ok, she’s not exactly famous famous, but knitting famous is famous enough. The fact that she has anything published is really all it takes to impress me. I was second in line to get my book signed, and she gets to me, and I have no idea what to say, I mean, really, was thrusting my book at her and grunting my name going to make me appear like a normal person? Probably not, but being normal is not exactly a “skill” I’ve “acquired” over time.

So I was like, “Hi, I’m Michele” and she was all “How do you spell that?” And rather than SPELL IT OUT I go, “The normal way. Except with one L.” Real smooth.

She has better handwriting than me >_>

I told her about my llama pattern, and I should probably get on actually finishing that pattern. I think it’s mostly proofread. I just haven’t decided yet whether it’s worth paying a buck or two for or not. =\ Perhaps I will see if any test knitters want to take a crack at it on Ravelry and get their feedback.

I did finish a pattern for a tiny knitted geekery item, and I will be posting that for free soon.


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