The Inability to Wink, a wink deficiency story

“I can’t blink.” I declared to Richard a few days ago.

He frowned. “Everyone can blink.”

“Well, I physically can’t.” I flailed my arms dejectedly.

“That’s impossible, try closing just one of your eyes.”

“OK.” I closed the right eye.

He moved across the room to sitting across from me at my computer. “You have to keep one eye open.”

“It is open, I can see you out of my left eye.”

“Are you sure? It looks closed.” He peered at my face.

“Yes, I’m sure I can see.”

“Huh. I guess your eyes are too small. I can’t tell it’s open.”

And that is how we determined I cannot blink.

I have ten posts for June and only one for July so far. I have been around, honest, I’m just working my way through one of my birthday presents. A shipment of yarn from Knitpicks. YAY HOORAY FUCK YEAH YARN. I wrote a pattern for a toy doll (and one variation of the head) and I’ve nearly finished an entire ball of Shine Sport making a bunch of toys.

I really don't know why the Cloud Wool of the Andes is glowing.

I will post photos of the work I’ve been doing. Eventually. I actually have been spending most of my free time writing and revising the knitting pattern (and watching Stargate SG-1 *cough*) I have some ideas for other stuff, but for the moment, I’m working on this *one* project that is taking up all my knit-related creativity.


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