I’m not dead

In my head my voice is much lower pitched than it is in real life. I rather like my head voice, and I think my real live voice leaves a lot to be desired. Think Kari from The Incredibles. That’s what I think my voice sounds like. I suppose my friends might say differently, but I’ve never gone and asked them, “Say, you know my voice? Does it make you want to kill small animals?” One would hope that they would say no, of course not. But then they’ve never told me I have a nice voice. So make what you will of that.

I actually write a lot of ideas for entries when I’m in bed trying to fall asleep, and I have to say, while I prefer typing on the phone, typing on a virtual keyboard is much less loud. You people should be thankful the stuff I write at night only becomes drafts and doesn’t get published straight from the phone because I think of some crazy shit.

It’s been a few days since I last posted, and both Argentina and Uruguay got knocked out of the World Cup which is a pretty big disappointment, but the Germans and Dutch have been doing so well, and the game Argentina played against Germany was just horrific. Ah, well. As I write Germany is playing Spain. It would be pretty cool if Spain one, but I’d bet on Germany, personally.

I haven’t been paying as much attention to p&pg just because I was busy over the July 4th weekend,  and my birthday just passed, and I’ve been working on a new pattern for a toy I intend to start selling on Etsy in the future. I’m around, if not here, on Twitter at the very least.


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