I need better distractions

So Argentina moved forward to the quarterfinals, and the US didn’t. Truly a shocking turn of events!  I watched the final 63 minutes of the Argentina v. Mexico game, and I enjoyed it a lot, though it would have probably been more exciting if Mexico were playing better. After Argentina’s 3rd goal it seemed like they were starting to step up their game, but it’s pretty hard to catch up to and beat a 3 point lead.

Not really looking forward to Germany v. Argentina in that impeding horror movie kind of way, but I think I’m mostly feeling like that because of my love for spoilers. I don’t know what’s going to happen~! @_@ South America is doing rather well for itself though.

In less than a week I’m going to be 23 years old. Do I feel like I’ve accomplished that much in my life? Well, let’s see… I graduated college with a BA (kind of a mixed bag), I’m engaged, and uh… that’s about it. It’s hard to keep your chin up in a recession like this one. I haven’t been working in more than 4 months, and while a lot of my friends have worthwhile jobs that they like, its worth noting that a lot of them don’t, and a lot of them have jobs they absolutely hate. “Bleh” is all there really is to say about that.


I probably should have cleaned the mirror.

Knitwise, I’ve gone through an entire ball of Sugar ‘n’ Cream, and I’m going through a second as we speak. Read? Write? I don’t know. I also finished an entire ball of Cotton Ease (with only a few yards to spare! I’m fucking amazing.) making the above shrug. I bought 2 balls of that because I thought it was going to take at least a ball and a half to finish, but now I’ve got one ball of yarn that I have no idea what I’m going to do with. I have some ideas, but they all require someone taking me to a craft store to buy size 3 dpns and a crochet hook. ~mystery~

I swear to God my next phone better have a camera with a macro setting, because I’m already carrying around my Blackberry, iPod Touch, and camera (and sometimes a DS Lite). I might as well carry around a netbook and point the webcam at everything I do. It would take up less space.


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