My trusty camera is on its last legs. I can still take photos with it, but taking pictures in Manual using the Macro setting is a total no go. Which sucks! I’m looking at reviews of point and shoots on Amazon, but for now I’m just going to deal it. I figure I can definitely make it at least until Christmas, or longer. I’ll just steal my sister’s! Ha!

I have been unemployed for about 3 months and I am lowering my expectations. I no longer expect a job. >_> All right, I no longer expect a job in an office. I’m starting to apply to retail jobs again. And I hated working in retail so much. 90% of the people you meet are nice, 5% have no idea whats happening in the world around them, and the other 5% should go rot in a gutter. It’s that 5% that just ruins customer service jobs for everyone. At least with the stupid, you can explain things to them and at some point they’ll start to absorb some of that information, but the cruel get off on being cruel. I once had a coworker completely burst into tears because of the cruel things a customer was saying to her, and she wasn’t one to be all weepy at all. I’ve had customers throw things at me and I HATE THOSE PEOPLE.

Argh, let’s move on to something happier. I’ve gotten some crafting done in the past few weeks, mostly playing with felt while I watch tv shows online.


I don’t really sew that often or embroider, so excuse the quality of my craftsmanship. I totally love these little strawberries though. I want to make a whole felt grocery. Anyway, I used this tutorial to make the strawberries, and I was bored, so I just sewed a rectangle to a circle for a bowl. At the time I’ve written this, I’ve already lost one of the strawberries and the bowl. >_>

Too hip to be a cube

There’s also this little keychain that is now attached to my keys. I wasn’t really paying that much attention (hulu) so the corners of the the cube don’t match up very well. It’s more rhombus-y than anything else.

Grazes on wild grasscones among the pyramid squirrels

I have a bunch of pieces of 99 cent felt from AC Moore around. I’ll figure out more stuff to do to waste my own time. I sure wish I had my circular knitting needles, but thats for non-felt related crafting.


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