and the World Cup

I’ve been somewhat keeping up with the World Cup, not really watching all the matches, but I go to the Fifa website every so often to check the scores, see who’s going where against, and figure out how long I can make this sentence run on. I know, at least, that the favorites to win are either Brazil or Spain. I wouldn’t be unhappy if either of those countries won, but I’d be pretty happy if Argentina won. I still need to head to a sports store and pick up a team jersey, but they’re so expensive. *hint hint* (size small) Although, let’s just be clear, I’m in it for things like this:

yum yum

Why hello there

I recently went to an event in Manhattan with some friends where we got a free bra (coming by mail in 6-8 weeks) and all the free ice cream we could basically eat. Also some alcohol. It was a pretty awesome event, and not gonna lie, I have been to the supermarket since then to buy Skinny Cow ice cream. I’ll do anything if a company gives out free shit. (Michele here, corporate whore. Please send me free shit. <3<3)

I got a free lingerie bag, which I needed, a tote bag which I’m now using exclusively for all my toting purposes, and an iPhone skin. Thing is, I have a Blackberry, which the skin obviously wouldn’t work on, but I do have an iPod Touch. iPod Touches, by the way, are not the same size as iPhones. I did not actually know this, but after putting on the skin, then realizing I had to trim down the skin, I think I’m happier with just the touch. (You’ll never get me to call it an iTouch. Never!)

It’s not a perfect fit, but it’s pretty damn good.


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