At least I have True Blood

So I didn’t get the job I interviewed for two weeks ago. I am sad, somewhat depressed. I woke up at 9am this morning and checked my email on my blackberry (which I currently can not afford, thank you very much) and got my rejection email. So I just laid in bed for a few more hours until I felt like doing anything.

Looking through job listings online is a bummer. Like, I consider myself moderately intelligent. Not a genius, by far, but more than competent enough to file things, answer phones, transfer calls, and whatnot, but every listing for a job like that without fail requires 2+ years of experience. I mean, really? You think that people are so stupid that they can’t figure out the alphabet? Or that her, maybe files with this red tab go with the red tabbed files. Whatever, bullshitters. It’s not my company that’s looking to pay $8 an hour for “experienced” professionals in New York City. If the job is so difficult that I need 2+ years of experience for “answering phones, typing letters… spreadsheets, filing and clerical duties” I want to know why the pay is so shitty. Fuck, if I had 2+ years of experience I wouldn’t be fucking applying to it. Fuck recessions.

Whatever world, I’ll find success sooner or later. Moving on…

I recently started trying two new beauty items, Neutrogena’s Pure & Free Baby sunscreen and NYX’s Concealer in a Jar in beige, and I like both but I’m not sure either qualifies for HG status as of right now.

The sunscreen is SPF 60+ and its active ingredients are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, so pluses for the physical block, however because of those, it will give your face a white cast. Just the nature of the beast. I have dry skin and I tried this on without moisturizer and it was incredibly hard to blend out. It is a very thick formulation and sans moisturizer I would only use this on tougher skin, ie my arms and legs. Over moisturizer it was much much easier to work with, although putting makeup over it is somewhat harder. It didn’t break me out or give me any irritation like some reviews say it does. I’ll use up the bottle this summer, but I probably won’t buy it again.

I’ve tried two of NYX’s concealers, the stick and the jar, and for my needs, I felt the jar was a better buy. It doesn’t settle into my eye lines as horribly as other concealers have, and it provides pretty good coverage on my hyper-pigmentation. Howeverrrr, on zits its terrible. Dries them out and makes a “ring” around them for lack of a better term. It’s layerable and the fragrance doesn’t bother my skin too much. I do have to blot my skin a few hours after wearing this. Makes me a bit shiny, but so has every single other product I’ve ever used.

I’m going to try out using Yaz for a while soon, so hopefully the hormonal acne will become a thing of the past. I’m not putting any bets on it though.


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