Written at the Doctor’s office, yesterday

If it weren’t for the GPS on my phone I would have to, like, look up how to walk to my doctor’s appointment on a map. Or something. Looking things up on paper? How does that even work anymore. I fucking love this purple piece of awesome phone and I’m not going to lie, my life actually has changed since I switched from dumbphone to smartphone. I can keep up with my blogs anywhere, read all the rss feeds I subscribe to, find my way around, and obsessively check twitter. Who needs human interaction anymore?

I kid, I kid. Mostly.

This week I’m supposed to be hearing about a job I interviewed for last week. On the one hand, there is no doubt in my mind that if I got this job I would rock it and rock it hard, but then I think that there must be people who interviewed who are better than me in some way. I’ve been unemployed since mid-March. I think to myself, maybe if I had tried harder to get an office job I wouldn’t be unemployed right now. I wish at least a few of the jobs on my college campus hadn’t been work study. They really made it hard for people who couldn’t manage to get work study to get a respectable job.

Screw the world.

During my appointment (I wrote the above while I was waiting) I had my annual vag test, a pee test, and a surprise(!) blood test. Right after which, I promptly fainted. To say that I have a fear of getting my blood drawn is putting it mildly. Sure, on an intellectual level I know that it hurt a lot less than the pap smear did, but my fainting never fails me. So I fainted, I woke up, they pass smelling salts under my nose, let me drink some ginger ale, and then I laid down for 5 minutes.

So all in all, I’m not pregnant according to the pee test, which I already knew. My bits are normal-looking, according to the pap smear, and I don’t have anemia, says my blood. Yayyyy.


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