My Facial Routine

I try to do my facial routine every day, as often as I can remember to do it, and it’s really done a great deal of difference in my face. I’m coming from a place where I haven’t had a single day of clear skin since I was 12 years old and as I write this, I have a zit right between my eyebrows. I’ve become resigned to the fact that I’m just not blessed with clear skin, but at least when I’m taking care of my face it’s only a new zit every other day rather than a new crop every day. >_>

Nighttime before bed:
Wash face with Dr. Bronner’s Almond Soap. If I wore makeup, I wash my face twice to remove every single trace of makeup, pollution, and regular excess facial oilies.
Apply Neutrogena On The Spot to my “red” zones. That would be my nose and the skin next to it, my chin, and the skin above my lips. Also apply extra to growing zits.

In the morning:
Rinse face making sure to get rid of all of last nights zit cream. Sometimes I use soap, sometimes I don’t.
I use moisturizer every time I go out, but I’ve been trying to find one with a good sunscreen (with a physical block) thrown in that doesn’t break me out. I used to use olay’s daily moisturizer but they changed the formula.


One thought on “My Facial Routine

  1. i hear shiseido’s sunscreen is wonderful and works as a great primer. it’s a tad pricey but its pretty worth it. get a sample at sephora. it comes in a cute turquoisey bottle.

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